Mobile Crypto Banking

Connect crypto-assets to any of your classic bank accounts in one place


We can add crypto assets to the classic bank accounts of 500 mln of the most powerful consumers in the world

500 mln
33 countries
in the European Union
3000 banks
In Europe
How PSD-2 works?
Connect any EU Bank
to SamBanx
Manage all your
accounts in one place
Make Crypto transfers and
exchanges in seconds

Legal, transparent and top security

SamBanx will be safe and in compliance with applicable legislation. All of your crypto-assets are in your legal ownership.

SamBanx provides a transparent and ethical service. We will take all necessary steps to comply with applicable legislation. The product beta version will be available in Q3 2018.
Top security: Cold storage. European Parliament Directive 2016/1148 / EC, ISO / IEC 27001 and banking standards in the field of transfer and protection of sensitive data.

SamBanx Features

Connect any EU Bank Account
Instant and easy KYC
Multi accounts: Crypto + Fiat
Debit cards valid at any ATM globally
Crypto Index Portfolio
Simple and intuitive App
API for Business
Online payment gateway for E-commerce
Offline POS and QR terminals for Business

SamBanx Benefits

Partner banks in Switzerland and Germany
  • Connect any EU bank with PSD-2
  • International fiat
    and crypto transfers
  • Best available
    exchange rates
  • Top-level
    security solutions
  • Customer
    support 24/7

We fight for the lowest exchange rates on the market

We have developed a unique trading system, which has a real-time connection to 10 top crypto-exchange markets and monitors all available rates. We always know the best currency exchange on the market and give this advantage to our customers

up to 50% discount on fee's using SAM token
Calculate Fees
Transaction Amount
SAM Token Price
1 €
2 €
3 €
5 €
10 €
Fee without SAM tokens
Fee with SAM tokens pay
SAM Tokens to pay

Don’t have a bank account in the EU? SamBanx will help you!

SamBanx will have Electronic money and payment institution license and can have internal multi-currency fiat accounts. No EU bank? Just use SamBanx.

If you do not have EU citizenship, but you want to have an EU bank account — we can also help. We can open a bank account with SamBanx’s partner bank for you.

We will provide a Debit Card in cooperation with our partner bank.

Sambanx business services

Coupons & Vouchers

We issue coupons and vouchers with Bitcoin value for offline sales. Anybody can go to the post office or supermarket and buy a voucher with the desired amount. Use this voucher in SamBanx to get cryptocurrency at the best available exchange rate.

Online Payments

Online payment gateways for E-commerce to accept cryptocurrencies. Any website can get our API and use our ultimate payment solution: accept payments in fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

Offline Solutions

Offline solutions for shops, restaurants, pubs, barbershops and other places to conveniently accept and manage crypto-payments.

Token Distribution

The base price will be 0.40 EUR for 1 SAM token. The total token supply will be 100,000,000 SAM.
SAM tokens will be issued on August 1, 2018 when SamBanx’s beta version is launched.
AirDrop and Bounty tokens will be issued by 5% every month.
Company tokens
Company tokens will be locked in Escrow:
  • Lock period – 24 months;
  • After 24 months, 10% of the company tokens will be unlocked each month.
Advisor tokens
Advisor tokens will be locked in Escrow for 1 month;
Any tokens that have not been sold during the token sale will be destroyed.
fee discount with SAM token
of profits SamBanx will spend for buy back and destroy tokens
of tokens will be destroyed. 30% will be on the market always

Join Whitelist

Token Generation Event with start on 1st of Jul 2018.

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We sent you a link to sign in. Please check your inbox.

SAM Token Benefits

Discounted Fees

SAM holder can use SAM tokens for paying transactions fees saving

50%on transaction fees.

Premium Services

Holders of large SAM amounts (from 5,000 SAM) can benefit from free premium services as long as they are having the minimum required amount of tokens on their account.

Index Crypto Portfolio

Each SamBanx customer who has at least 2,500 SAM tokens on his SamBanx account will have access to SamBanx Index Crypto Portfolio. More info about SamBanx Index Crypto Portfolio you can find in our White paper.

Package Silver Gold Platinum Satoshi
24/7 Support
Personal manager
Concierge Service
Investment Consultant
SMS informing
Travel Insurance
Special Conditions for big crypto-amounts exchange
Cashback Service
Free cash withdrawal * 5,000 USD 10,000 USD 20,000 USD Maximum **
Tokens hold conditions From 5,000 Tokens From 12,500 Tokens From 25,000 Tokens Only 500 biggest holders
Card type exchange VISA/MC Standart VISA/MC GOLD VISA/MC Platinum VISA/MC Black Satoshi Edition
This is not an offer. This is only example for information purposes.
* USD Equivalent.
** Maximum allowed by SamBanx rules monthly and daily limits.


  • 20 Mar 2014
    SamBanx was founded
  • 15 Aug 2016
    FinPay released. Mobile payment solution for retail. in Slovenia
  • 10 Mar 2017
    Arbitrage system development
  • 15 Sep 2017
    Run arbitrage and exchange system
  • 15 Mar 2018
    SamBanx private token pre-sale starts
  • 01 Jul 2018
    SamBanx public token generation event will start
  • 01 Aug 2018
    Beta version of SamBanx will be launched
  • 01 Dec 2018
    Full SamBanx release. EMI will be finished. PSD-2 support will be launched
  • Q1 2019
    Debit cards launch, SAM token listings
  • Q2 2019
    Merchant services launch
  • Q4 2019
    1st non-EU bank joins
  • Q2 2020
    Open bank accounts for non-EU residents
  • Q4 2020
    US Bank joins system
  • 2021 and beyond
    Exploring the possibilities of introducing credit tools and other banking services